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After the mumbai terror attacks i have seen lots of people wanting a war against pakistan..

now my question is …. is war a necessity?

Try to imagine how many innocent human lifes will be at risk if a war occurs?? if we declare a war now. i believe that will be a war against the humanity

an eye for an eye was never india’s policy..  and remember india is the only country in the world which hasnt attacked any country in the known history.. we have a history of only defending the attacks . and that is why we are still a honourable country in front o the world.

I do belive in gandhigiri..

The best policy i feel in current situation is

Violence for Defense and Non-Violence for Attack

Such a policy  will only help to get the support of all the other countries of the world.  where as a war will only create financial crisis, loss of life and complete unsecure feeling though out the country

yeah i feel bad friends,
i feel bad..
why do i feel bad?
i feel bad because
i feel very bad.

I Feel Bad about the Life.
I Feel Bad about the violence across the world
I Feel Bad about the economy
I Feel Bad about the poor and the orphans
I Feel Bad about the lazyness i have
I Feel Bad about the irresponsibility i have
I Feel Bad about the way she treated me
I Feel Bad beacuse i didnt see the options other than to love her
I Feel Bad because i still love her
I Feel Bad because i cursed her
I Feel Bad everything around me
I Feel very bad ………….

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