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But then they(Taj Staff) decided to evacuate us, because they had heard that the old Taj wing was on fire. And some Member of Parliament, who was in the room with us, talked to a radio station and said that there were 200 people safe and secure, but locked up in the Chambers. And this was reported also on TV. So the Taj staff very valiantly tried to evacuate us, since our undisclosed location had been disclosed.

This is quoted from the interview that The New York-based couple Anjali and Michael Pollack gave to rediff.com after they survived the Mumbai terror attack in Taj hotel

So silly from the Part Of the MP and from the Part  of Media.  The reporting of the Mumbai terror attack was great,  but senseless.

I Support Vishal Dadlani’s Small Change Petition . Please sign the petition and make a change

And All Credits to Taj Staff for holding their nerves and helping others.

Nation Salutes your bravery

I suspect  this attack is in response of the indian cricketers non willingness to play in pakistan..
All other cricketing nations were calling off their tours to Pakistan
i think they might have started planing very early to take revenge of this,and now when our great team also called off the team they might have thought it is time to strike.
Pakistanis want to make others feel india is not a safe place to play cricket..
and i guess they have got their first win by England’s pulling off..

From the words of those escaped it is clear that the terrorists wanted to create the insecure feeling to foreigners.

India should announce no cooperation against Pakistan in sports field and other fields. India should  not participate in any sports event where Pakistan is participating unless pakistan stop the terror attacks and eradicate the bloody terrorists

Our intelligence wing is really ridiculous..  i don’t understand why govt pays salary for these useless people.

Americans gaive 10% of thier whole financial support to the Security while India just gives 0.01% Thats the main reason for the lack of commitment from our RAW forces. The government also is to be blamed.

Just think  case of a terrorist attack in US and they come out with millions of security checklists ensuring tht no such attack gets repeated and chased Al-qaeda thousands of kilometers across the globe and are still fighting. but here in india, instead of being second to only iraq in most number of people getting killed in terrorists attacks since 2003, still every other day there is a terrorist attack and all our doomed politicians are interested in is bashing opposition party F**k these politicians….

USA had only one 9/11
London had only one 7/7

Indians getting used to it after parliament attack,.7/11 blasts and lots f other terroruists attacks.

shame on the government and intelligence wing

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