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“Reality show offs”. Thats what i would like to call the indian version.
One difference here its the program directors and the judges thatshow off.
They say they are nourishing the talent… but do they actually nourish or do they actually  kill the talent?? its a matter of concern.

Do a singer needs to be dancer also? I dont know why the participants needs to dance in a program to find the strar singer? (Idea star singer, asianet; and same is the case with many other channels).

The worst part of the reality show offs is the immatuarity of judges.
let me narrate a story that i have read in childhood.

” A king once wanted to know his future. He called upon an astrologer to predict the future. The astrologer predicted “You will die only after all your friends and relaticves die”. The King was furious on hearing these words and he sentenced him to death. he called upon another astrologer. the new astrologor predicted “You are previledged to serve all your friends and relatives throughout your life time”. The King was glad on hearing these words and gave lots of gifts to the astrologer.”

Here both the astorologers said the same thing . but the second one was mature enough to put it in good words.
Most of the reality show off judges are now immature like the first astrologer who was sentenced to death. The matuarity of the judges is an important factor in a reality show. unfortunatly we have only judges who know to make sensational controversial but no mature comments

Imagine a young singer with some good talent but less experience participating in a program like this. The immature comments of the judjes can harm the young ones more than anything. Even the Grown ups mostly find it hard to take criticisms in public. The example of shinjini is just an example. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has taken the right step by recommending that children below 16 years of age be barred from participating in reality TV shows.

In the case of ISS(idea star singer,asianet)the contestants have to sign an exclusivity rights contract with Asianet which does not allow them to sing in movies, attend stage shows or other television channel programs for a period of 18 months. It was clear from the entire program that it was completely a prescripted drama.The eliminations and winners are pre-planned and the contestants are notified of that. Will this not kill the real talent ratyher than helping it.

The next issue i would like to point out is about “Cheating the public through SMS” .
Asianet said SMS votes play a major role in eliminating candidates. But the episodes of the next round were mostly shot before even the sms were sent. it was very clear that this was just to cheat people and get money . Each sms carried 3 rs/- of which most of the money goes to idea, the sponsers of the event. I suggest the govt to make a prob into this puiblic cheating by the channels.

do we need this kind of reality shows.?  i dont think any one with common sense would suggest we eed this kind of things to ruin our new generation. but again common sense is not so common.

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