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Posted on: July 25, 2008

Which OS does this computer has????  Its always a big question that you face while you purchase a computer.

Most of the companies have made tie up with the Microsoft and is bringing out their product with windows preinstalled..  but a good configured system with windows installed is little bit beyond the reach of a common man..  here my question is Do you really need Windows.??? Most of you say yes i want windows because thats the only thing i know.  just pause  and think have you ever tried to check what Linux is all about or if something like Mac is there in market..  I’m sure most of those using pirated windows on their computer know there is something by the name linux but has never tried to check what it is because 10 years back someone checked it and said it is a geeks thing..  my simple advice try checking out a computer with ubuntu live cd..  its simply great  if you need all the features  like multimedia in it try fedora..   just see how gr8 it is and ofcourse  the key word.. it is free…  yo can get a copy of it from anyone who has it already. Free dosent mean it is sub-standard. Free means it gets improved every second. this is something unlike from windows. they make you pay and give you the bad experience.  So why not go for more amazing, feature filled linux instead of Windows..  and yeah say good bye to virus along with windows.

Buying new computer? go thorugh these tips.

Let me ask you one simple question? whats your main purpose of buying a computer.. i’ve seen a lot of people who forget this when they buy computers. Everyone has some reason for buying a computer. either business or software development or timepass whatever it may be try finding the computer that can help you mostly what happenes is the sales executive praises a particular computer because he gets more benefits buy selling that particular one and most of the customers falls in his words.. let it not happen to you

Budget…!!! yeah it is the most crucial part of it. if you are in tight budget make sure you get the best suiting your budget. there are good computers available in all budgets wheter it be small, medium or high !!! never go for too high cost for absoultly useless (i mean if it is of no use to you) accessories for your Computer. accessories really kills your money.

Brand.. My simple advice is always to go for the best brand.. now you may ask me which is the best brand. answer is simple.. the one you feel best is the best!! for me i’ve felt same performance for all the brands of same price range and specifications. the most important thing to note here is which brand has the best service available and what are the terms and conditions in the service agreement. also check whose service cneter is more comfortable for you to reach to.. in case the brands dosent offer on-site service check the locations of the service centers also

Search… yeah search for the best.. there is no other substitute for search.. asking your friends is the best option.. never ask someone just because he is good in making powerpoint presentations find someone who has good knowledge of computer hardware.. and ofcourse google it

Dont fall in ads. yeah when there is a price cut or free accessories, understand something is wrong because no one is ready to suffer loss….!!!

when you are planning for a laptop because you need to travel make sure it is carriable.. weight does matter..!!! if the laptop is to replace your desktop then go for the biggest screen size possible. and in any case always go for the ones with monitor and keypad that you feel is the best

If you are from kochi.. check this site before purchasing a new computer

I’m Wondering Whats wrong with me …

is it because of the lost love.. or may be it can be called as an after-effect of a love failure.
I’ve decided to live this life without thinking about her again. and the hunt for a girl who can understand me is on.

Don’t know if i will win in this hunt but surely i’m not ready to give up because of a failure.

It was really hard for me to realize that I’m “just another one” for her.

I’m ready to correct myself. please everyone help me to improve.. give suggestions and advices for me to improve myself..

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When i look back i feel i missed 4 crucial years of my life.   right from the day i joined the college one girl caught my eye.  i don’t know why i fell in love with her…  but in simple words she was the world for me and i was yet another crap for her. she never loved  me but i never stopped loving her.  by the time i realized the harsh realities of life i had lost myself. everything was out of control.

Now I’m on a path back to myself. I’m trying to get engaged maximum in other activities so that i can forget her.  I’ve  already deleted all the contacts with her. i don’t want to see her or hear about her again.

Its all over.

let her go to hell because i want to be in heaven

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I just thought about what to write about.

i’ll write about orkut..  infact my experiences with orkut

i joined in orkut sometime in early 2006 i dont remember the exact date but i remember it was in february.  i staqrted orkuting just out of curiosity but now its has become part of my life..  i found my old pals  through orkut.  i think the older generations has benefited more from this cute tool as most of them found their very long missing pals through orkut.

For me its everything… i decided to leave orkut many time but i wasnt late to understand i cant leave it.

my 600+ friends out there.. i know each of them in person.  The life without orkut would have been totally different.

The good and the bad ..   yes orkut has both sides of which i would like to concentrate on the good side.  yes i’m an addict of orkut (i think i will put this on the bad side of orkut) it makes everyone an addict of itself.

here is the link to my orkut profile

enjoy orkutting..


kaivittu poya Sneham

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Hi all i’m new into the wordpress.  I hope i can keep blogging for long time. Expecting the word press to help me express myself.

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