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I read about reports about Pramod Muthalik’‘s statement that his right-wing group would not allow people to celebrate Valentie’s day.
A big applause to Cabinet Minister Renuka Chaudary for her Reaction against the new Political terrorist Promod Muthalik’s comment . We all support You Madam.  India will see its best ever Valentine’s day celebration this year.

Who the hell is this Muthalik to say about culture.  ??? If he is to decide on what others should do then better let him rule the country ..

This time If the Dirty Political terrorists by the name sri rama sena or anyone else try to act rough on Valentine’s day, Let me make it clear the Indians are not going to let you go free.  We The Real Indians will Give it back to you.

My Dear friends Get pepared for a war against these modern day terrorists. Lets teach them the basic lessons of democracy. its already late we give it back to these dirty f**king new age terrorists. But its always better late than Never. Lets start this very minute. Long Live Democracy Long Live the Real India.

Sri rama sena is day by day becoming worse and is now no better than The bloody talibani terrosists. One request to Mr Terrorist Muthalik “Please Change the Name of Your Organisation .. Please dont Defame Lord Rama.. Putting Lord Rama’s name to your organisation is the biggest sin you can do to Lord Rama. “

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