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City In a stand still!!!!!!!!!!
Newspapers seems to put this kind news appreciating any events that is conducted in the city.
Its very common now a days that the city life getting stuck due to the events conducted by the political parties, religious and other social organizations.
Most of the times they set the stage up in heart of the city and brings in thousands of people for the function.
the excess people and excess vehicles they come in makes the city stand still.
The Police are helpless most of the time..
The political parties or organizations or people who conduct these events thinks they have shown their strength to the public.. but let me tell you frankly it doesn’t show your strength but shows lack of leadership and management capability.
Its never a credit to disturb normal life of majority of the common people.
No one cares who you are when you disturb the normal life .. they just curse you. (after all that is the only thing for which you cant be punished off)

The business community suffers the big loss. they loss major business during these days. That is  Because the people who comes in for the events are never potential customers and most of the city men who are potential customers prefers to stay away from he big crowd.

So If you are one of those organizers  you may now ask me then where should you conduct these events
Answer is plain and simple
Find places in suburban areas where it don’t affect the normal life of people, Places where there are adequate parking spaces, places where the national and state roads and other major roads are not disturbed much. If you can bring the people to city for an event then its possible to do it in any other place.
Benefits of shifting the events from cities to sub-urban or rural areas

  • You don’t affect productivity
  • you save money because the total cost for setin up an event in suburban or rural areas will be very much lesser
  • You don’t affect the Normal life of people
  • You gain popularity in the rural areas
  • In city most of the people have their own assessment about you. you cant  change it easily but in rural or suburban areas you can easily win the minds of people

To put in simple words “Those who conduct those big events in city SUXX big time”

Yesterday bangalore witnessed a series of blasts.. and today the same thn in ahmedabad.. one big question…  Are the police and other concerned agencies still in belief that it is an odd instance…

what we can read from these 2 blasts is “Its a complete failure from the part of police and Intelligence agencies”. And one key point to be noted.  The people behind the attack chose less destructive materials for these blasts and I don’t think those anti social elements have targeted public crowd; other wise news headlines would have been flooded with numbers of dead. What i can infer from these is that those anti-social is trying to give a warning about something more dangerous… so my humble request to the police and intelligence agencies  PLEASE WAKE UP AND SAVE THE NATION

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