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British Biased channel :: Biased BBC !!!

It May sound strange but i feel at BBC they are little biased. The BBC dont describe the attack on mumbai (26/11) as just terrorist attacks. They call theTerrorists as just GunMen.

The can call the London bombings as a terrorist attack but cant call mumbai attack as terrorist attack.    What the hell stops them from describing the mumbai attack as terrorist attack.  Are they(BBC) playing a Pakistani supporter role even after  UK Prime minister and US President says there is eveidence against pakistan. ?

I Request all Indians to boycott the BBC Channel

I wasn’t interested in continuing to write against the controversial remarks by Kerala CM VS Achuthanandan. But Few Responses to my previous posts and few comments  by the VS supporters prompted me to write about this issue again.

First of all let me make it clear i’m not an anti VS  supporter. i supports  him for his initiative in the action against real estate mafia, and other actions he has initiated in his run as CM of kerala.

My only concern is focused on Kerala CM’s attitude and words he use following mumbai terror attacks.

let me pin point it out.

1) Political secretary of Kerala CM went for the Funeral of Sandeep Unnikrishnan. But did the Political secretary or anybody try to speek it out till VS made his controversial remark.??

2) Kerala Media Complained that the kerala Govt ignored Sandeeps unnikrishanan.  wasnt it true?  VS and Kodiyeri was at party meeting and as described in a polpular malayalam daily another minister was busy inagurating tourist boat.  I didnt hear any statement from the part of govt or CM expressing their condolence officialy to martyrs family.

3) Mr Unnikrishnan Had made it clear he dont want to see any politicians and he didnt even attend call from Indian defence minister. So was it necassery for the  CM tro visit sandeeps house on his way back fromthe party meeting.?

4)  Wasn’t it possible for CM to make a statement to press   and express his condolence to Martyr even between the party meeting? it sounds ridiculious to go to a martyr’s house to express condolence  3 days after the death and i day after the funeral.

5) I’m not arguing that unnikrishnan’s actions were right. He wasnt right. At the same time his reaction could be seen as a reaction from a father who has lost his only son  and the  initial ignorance from Kerala Govt mighthave made him say that.

6) Now to the controversial remark by CM.  the reporter did ask whats the comments about unnikrishnanas words.  But was it appropriate for the CM to say what he said.

The media later reported that some family member of the martyr saying “reply by the chief minister as quite natural and pointed out that there would have been no controversy had such a question not been raised”.

quite natural !!!!  My question is–> Is it appropriate for a Chief Minister To reply in a non dignified manner ??

And  about the journalist who asked the question… what is wrong in the question?  the question was a simple one.  CM could have ignored the question or could have replied using some better words.  but he stick to the words that hurts any dignified man or family in the country

7) No regarding his reactions later. He said he wont say sorry and he never did. One o my previous Posts (Atlast he said sorry) wad based on the media reports which said he said sorry. But later when i reviewd his press conference remarks i found that he never said sorry.  he just expressed his regret on the issue.

8 ) Is regret and sorry the same. ?   i havnt learnt so.  I still demand VS should say sorry rather than just expresing his regret.  Or else in future  we might have to see similar or worse remarks from politicians or others and we will have to see them escaping without saying sorry.

9) Is it sandeeps family alone who should say they have forgiven kerala CM.??

NO. sandeeps didnt die for his family he died for the entire country. i belive it is the country which has to forgive Achuthanandan and not Sandeeps family alone. But the Media found it interesting in defining the issue with just sandeeps family on the scene.





But then they(Taj Staff) decided to evacuate us, because they had heard that the old Taj wing was on fire. And some Member of Parliament, who was in the room with us, talked to a radio station and said that there were 200 people safe and secure, but locked up in the Chambers. And this was reported also on TV. So the Taj staff very valiantly tried to evacuate us, since our undisclosed location had been disclosed.

This is quoted from the interview that The New York-based couple Anjali and Michael Pollack gave to rediff.com after they survived the Mumbai terror attack in Taj hotel

So silly from the Part Of the MP and from the Part  of Media.  The reporting of the Mumbai terror attack was great,  but senseless.

I Support Vishal Dadlani’s Small Change Petition . Please sign the petition and make a change

And All Credits to Taj Staff for holding their nerves and helping others.

Nation Salutes your bravery

The latest wave of attacks in Mumbai by the Pak based LeT have created a wave of nationalism in the minds of us Indians. Never has there been such a national uproar against the Political clowns of our country. What these clowns and the LeT morons fail to undermine was that although we are a nation of Millions of passionate cries, we are a great nation, a nation which has given leaders like Subash Chandra Bose, Lokmanya Tilak, Chandra Shekar Azad, Bhaghat Singh…….

As the whole of India mourns the death of our people, the rest of the world is playing mind games. These people are hell bend on destroying our country.

We were ambushed and slaughtered again! There is legitimacy for what we do at this juncture. Forget peace for now. We have to show them that we are strong.

We have laws of a civilized nation and we cannot afford to be uncivilized, but I say we should resist such laws for now. You tell me what law protects terrorists?? It is time that we heard with new ears. Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values. It is time for our armed forces to conduct deep penetration strikes in the heart of Pakistan and POK to destroy the Terrorists training camps. As the saying goes ‘Its Now or Never’.

Are our political clowns hearing!!!!!!!!!

The Marine Commandos, Army Commandos, National Security Guards, and ATS deserve a GREAT SALUTE right from the heart of every INDIAN

We Indians salute and Pray for the souls of those brave officers who gave their life in the battle for Mumbai.

We hope such a bad thing will never again happen anywhere in the world.

Let the souls of Dead ones REST IN PEACE

After the mumbai terror attacks i have seen lots of people wanting a war against pakistan..

now my question is …. is war a necessity?

Try to imagine how many innocent human lifes will be at risk if a war occurs?? if we declare a war now. i believe that will be a war against the humanity

an eye for an eye was never india’s policy..  and remember india is the only country in the world which hasnt attacked any country in the known history.. we have a history of only defending the attacks . and that is why we are still a honourable country in front o the world.

I do belive in gandhigiri..

The best policy i feel in current situation is

Violence for Defense and Non-Violence for Attack

Such a policy  will only help to get the support of all the other countries of the world.  where as a war will only create financial crisis, loss of life and complete unsecure feeling though out the country

i know it is not the right time. but i do have a question to Mr Raj Thackeray

Where the Hell are you bloody son of soil idiot.

Is it all Marathi’s who are fighting against the terrorists in the heart of the so called marathi’s city

There are malayalis, tamils, northies everyone in the fight against terror.

why didnt u stop the other state NSG’s and other armed force people from doing their job of fighting terror in mumbai..

Mr Raj Thackeray………  understand we are indians.. try to respect all indians irrespective of religion and language…  and avoid  your cheap political drams by beating the innocent north indians and other who come to maharashtra.

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