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iPhone prices are out…
Steve jobs boasted of $200(around 8000rs) price tag.. but in india we will have to pay around $800(around 31000Rs) to get hold of one iPhone through proper channels.
Its cheaper to get hold of a unlocked iphone from from US market.. it costs only around $550 only. some stores sells it at even lesser price. The price tag will defintly refrain a vast majority of those who have already booked iphone from going further for the purchase.

I’m eagerly waiting to get the statistics of how many will get a new iphone from india

If you are going to get one iphone for that high price let me tell you ou are sick.. yo can get a htc diamond or nokia n95 for a lower price tag. if you are looking for more at lower price wait till sony ericsson’s T700 is out in october.

Lucky that i changed my mind and went for a low cost mobile (nokia 3500c) instead of waiting for the iphone

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