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20 years are completed since world wide web is born.  it was on March 13th , 1989,   Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web of internet.

The web interlinked people from across the globe.  it created revolution in communication and entertainment, such that now everything is dependent on the web. some calls it world wild web!!, amazingly wild enough for common man to understand every aspects of  it.

Wild and wide the web is now; no man predicted its growth to such a big extent 20 years back.   Still growing and new wonders coming out daily.   No wonder if i someone calls it wild wonder web .

My Net connection at home is BSNL Datone  home plan 500 Broadband . It is really good in terms of speed and value for money . It gives 2mpbs net connection for just 500 rs/month + a free internet access during 2am to 8am everyday.  But when it comes to the customer service  BSNL sux big time.
A small rain is enough to slow down the net connection due to the rain water going into the junction boxes in the telephone posts. i covered the box near my home with plastic to prevent it from rain . The BSNL service man who came for some work over there took it off and never bothered to cover again.
Another funny instance of internet being slowdown happened last year September. This time the culprits were ANTS. yes ANTS. Ants had made the telephone junction box their home. It took the BSNL people one month to identify the problem and clear off the culprits.  i had interrupted service whole through that time.

Last weekend it was another funny problem with BSNL. This time the Net connection wasnt available. This time there was no RAIN no ANTS but the real culprits were BSNL itself. They changed their server and all the settings including the net connection password was changed. They never tried to pass this information to the public. Even when i called them the were just telling they will check out why the problem is.  and later told me its because of the server change. Why couldnt they inform customers about the change in settings. If we ask this question to BSNL officials they will ask “Why should they?” . Their attitude is like if you want something go behind thenm to get it done or go for some other service provider. No wonder Why the Private companies are establishing themselves in the ISP market

Will BSNL ever get customer Friendly ??

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