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Just got up after seeing INDIA win an amazing twenty 20 cricket match against srilanka. the match almost slipped away from india, but the pathan brothers had different plans. A great 8th wicket partnership of 59 from just 25 balls under lots of pressure.. that was truely incredible.

i’m really proud to see india even after losing 7 wickets was able to chase down the big target.  but top order collapse must be mended seriously.  we saw a collapse in the t20 match against australia . with focus on the t20 world championship soon coming up. we should  correct the issues with the top order collapse otherwise it would be dangerous..

once again congrats to irfan pathan and yusuf pathan for their valiant effort

Yesterdays Newzealand Australia  ODI was followed more keenly than the 4th odi between India and srilanka.

Reason is simple. if Australia loses the match. they falls to 3rd place and India becomes No. 2 in rakings.  and exactly that happened.  thanks to Newzealanders.

Now if  India wins the 5th odi aginst srilanka. dream it dude. india are going to be on rank 1.

Lets all wish the team India all the very best to win the 5th odi against srilanka and reach top rank for the very first time.   Dhoni and men deserves to be No. 1.

The latest wave of attacks in Mumbai by the Pak based LeT have created a wave of nationalism in the minds of us Indians. Never has there been such a national uproar against the Political clowns of our country. What these clowns and the LeT morons fail to undermine was that although we are a nation of Millions of passionate cries, we are a great nation, a nation which has given leaders like Subash Chandra Bose, Lokmanya Tilak, Chandra Shekar Azad, Bhaghat Singh…….

As the whole of India mourns the death of our people, the rest of the world is playing mind games. These people are hell bend on destroying our country.

We were ambushed and slaughtered again! There is legitimacy for what we do at this juncture. Forget peace for now. We have to show them that we are strong.

We have laws of a civilized nation and we cannot afford to be uncivilized, but I say we should resist such laws for now. You tell me what law protects terrorists?? It is time that we heard with new ears. Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values. It is time for our armed forces to conduct deep penetration strikes in the heart of Pakistan and POK to destroy the Terrorists training camps. As the saying goes ‘Its Now or Never’.

Are our political clowns hearing!!!!!!!!!

I suspect  this attack is in response of the indian cricketers non willingness to play in pakistan..
All other cricketing nations were calling off their tours to Pakistan
i think they might have started planing very early to take revenge of this,and now when our great team also called off the team they might have thought it is time to strike.
Pakistanis want to make others feel india is not a safe place to play cricket..
and i guess they have got their first win by England’s pulling off..

From the words of those escaped it is clear that the terrorists wanted to create the insecure feeling to foreigners.

India should announce no cooperation against Pakistan in sports field and other fields. India should  not participate in any sports event where Pakistan is participating unless pakistan stop the terror attacks and eradicate the bloody terrorists

Our intelligence wing is really ridiculous..  i don’t understand why govt pays salary for these useless people.

Americans gaive 10% of thier whole financial support to the Security while India just gives 0.01% Thats the main reason for the lack of commitment from our RAW forces. The government also is to be blamed.

Just think  case of a terrorist attack in US and they come out with millions of security checklists ensuring tht no such attack gets repeated and chased Al-qaeda thousands of kilometers across the globe and are still fighting. but here in india, instead of being second to only iraq in most number of people getting killed in terrorists attacks since 2003, still every other day there is a terrorist attack and all our doomed politicians are interested in is bashing opposition party F**k these politicians….

USA had only one 9/11
London had only one 7/7

Indians getting used to it after parliament attack,.7/11 blasts and lots f other terroruists attacks.

shame on the government and intelligence wing

Congrats sachin!!!! for becoming the leading run scrorer in test cricket  history surpassing Brian Lara

No words to describe him.. he is the best of them all.. he had the ups and downs all thrugh his career .. but unlike others he remained in the game for all these 19 years… and still lot more is yet to come…

once again congrats sachin for turning stones into milestones

Entrance exam should not be stopped but it should be made more effective..
i suggest banning the entrance coaching.. that just kills the +2 classes

What is Entrance exam meant for… ?

I feel Those who conduct the entrance exam forgets this fact.
The Entrance exam should be a testr of a persons aptitude to take up particular course. With proper question set and proper analysis of answers we should be able to award a student a seat for the course for which he/she has the aptitude.

In the current state the entrance exam is just a test to find out how fast can you write down the memorized answers.
yeah i mean it .!!!!! Repetition of questions is the biggest curse of the Entrance exams in kerala.. you doesn’t even need to know the trigonometric formulas to write an answer to a trigonometric problem.. the repetition is so bad and the entrance coaching centers just prepare the students to meet the repeated questions.

consequences of this.
#) Students doesn’t care for the +2 classes and concentrates only on the shortcuts for the entrance exams.
#) Students looses the basics. without proper understanding in the +2 classes no student can shine in any degree class
#) Only the students for wealthy family can go to these memorizing and shortcut classes(coaching classes) ==> the able students from lower class family’s looses out.. ==> In future this results in bad professionals for country ==> results in retarded growth of the nation

just a note to add Have any of gone through the CAT exams.. Hundreds of CAT coaching centers and yet Every year CAT Question paper surprises everyone.

What the Whole country wants ( not just kerala ) is a proper system of enterance exam which can assess a student’s ability and aptitude for his/her own future and for the future of the country

Its late now.. But its better late than never

One question to ask…
This time to high court of kerala!!!!

i would like to know the details of banning of “Bandh” in kerala.
years back the honorable high court of kerala banned “Bandh” in kerala.
I remember “Bandh” was banned mainly  because it affected the peaceful daily life of  people. The Supreme Court in a verdict had upheld  Kerala high court ruling declaring “Bandh”s illegal and made it applicable to the entire country.
Any way after that kerala didn’t had any more “Bandh” to add to history. But soon we saw another way kind of thing named “HARTHAL” becoming popular.
The way “HARTHAL” is affecting people seems to be worse than how “Bandh” was doing the harm.
Now My Big question is “Did the  High Court banned the Word “Bandh” or did The High Court Meant banning something that was affecting people’s life and was named “Bandh” during that time?”.

Now if court just meant to ban the usage of word “Bandh” ; what makes the court thinks so.
“Bandh” is neither an indecent word nor a racist remark. neither does the usage of that word harm any class of people in the country.It is actually the act of “Bandh” that hurts the most.

If the court meant to ban the act of “Bandh” the our dirty politicians has violated the ban made by the court by doing the same in another name (“HARTHAL”). Now its 10 years since the court banned the “Bandh” and still The same thing is happening every alternate days disguised in the name of “HARTHAL”. Why the court is blinding itself to the politicians who calls for the “Bandh” disguised in the name of “HARTHAL”. why the court is not taking action against violating the court rule ???

This makes the public feel untrustworthy about the court rules. If court can make helmets compulsory and fine people why not punish the bloody politicians who destroy billions of revenue in the name of “HARTHAL”.

Are we INDIANS ever going to see an India without these unholy “Bandh”s and “HARTHAL”s???

to tell the truth i’m ashamed to live in the land of “Bandh” and “HARTHAL”.

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