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Everyone has been talking about Malayalam Mega Star Mammootty’s blog.  i too had checked it earlier..

Today i just thought i would check the website of mammootty.  the site address is http://www.mammootty.com.   i’m a hardcore firefox fan and always use firefox.  Firefox has a great service reporting malware sites .  and to my surprise while i tried to access the website of mammootty i got warning from firefox of a possible malware attack site.

the screenshot of it is

mamootty website screeshot

Mammootty created lots of news with his blog (with just one post), But i request him to check his website and please update and maintain it properly.  Google removes such malware sites  if the site is not cleared of the possible malware. they give some time before removing the sites from their database.   Being removed from google might not harm him any way but surely leaves a bad mark in the internet searches.  The world is becoming more connected day by day and such a bad mark might not be healty for a Mega star.

To Mammootty, if you are reading this, just one request : ” Sir, Please update Your Site “

just have a look at the image below

crazy  windows group

crazy windows group

The firefox is grouped along with the windows explorer windows.. I couldnt find out why this is happening.     The system admins at my office said they are seeing it for the first time.  i couldnt find an answer about it in google. if anyone knows why it is happening.. please share your knowledge

Is it yet another bug in windows?? god knows.

I downloaded the google chrome today morning.   My initial views of the Google Chrome are

Google Chrome UI looks really good. The google have made yet another great user interface. Its really different from its counterparts and gives a clean and simple look and feel ..

Its rendering is really good.  it is a real threat to IE

The tabs of Chrome is really looking good. unlike the downward tabs of firefox iot has a better looking upward tabs

The omnibox feature is looking great at the moment.  the auto completeion is really good and i guess \this will get improved in the days to come

The Home page that is the most useful feature  for most of the users (and for some people might be most annoying  feature).  the thumbnail give us an idea of the history in a better way than the existing methods of IE and Firefox. it shows the recent visits, recent searches recently closed tabs and bookmarks. thwe history section is completely redifend in chrome

The google Chrome can fetch a website from the google cache if the actual webpage is not working.

incognito mode is yet to be tested.

Here is the link to download Chrome if you havnt done it Yet http://www.google.com/chrome/

This is all i could get in an hour since i downloaded the chrome.

I had read the comic about google chrome last day . it was really good..

The way the google marketed the new product was simply unbelivable. in just 2 days it created much news than firefox 3 could do in a month.

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