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Chandni Chowk and delhi 6..   Both the name are of same places… When 2 films comes out simultaneously  featuring the same area it naturally makes everybody anxious to check out which one has done better.
i saw both the films on the second day of the release itself.

Chandni chowk to china had some good comedy, good songs and some good action scenes. But as a whole none of them matched with the rest. and as a film it was a failure. I personally marked it as the first big flop of the year.

The expectations was huge on Delhi 6. The Music by AR Rahman was so great.  But the film again disappointed, especially the climax.  No man with commonsense can accept such a climax.  it was one of the worst climax i have ever seen.  The kale bandar factor if used properly would have kept the people interested. It looked like the Director failed to express the story line in an interesting way.. Sonam Kapoor did her part very well. hats off to her .. the rest was just mediocre..

Today i went for the much hyped warner bros movie “Chandni Chowk to China”.

The movies and the action scenes are great in this new age bollywood movie .  The Actions scens are taken in a great style. But the action scenes lacked a directors touch.  I didnt feel like having such unrealistic action scenes suited the movie storyline. I felt the actions scenes were like a hump on the back of the movie.

The comedy scenes were mostly good and fairly new. Akshay and deepika has done a good job. But the director Nikhil Advani failed to make a boredomless real of 160 mintues,  many a times the film made me look at my watch.

and a small counter to a warner bros comment which i read on rediff.com

Their comment was

“We want to protect this film as much as we do with our other films,” said Richard Fox, executive vice president, Warner Bros International, “Warner Bros is very particular about copyright. We are also fighting on another front; when we hear that producers in India are trying to remake our films without permission, we have been taking ads in the newspapers, telling them they have to talk to us first.”

Mr Richard Fox please try to Get a copy of 1992 released Malayalam movie YODHA(Starring mohanlal, directed by santhosh sivan) . The Story Line of movies are similar  and YODHA had a far more realistic and better comedy and actions scenes.

In YODHA Mohanlal goes to Nepal to save Rimpoche and buddhist community from villain, learns martial arts and kills the villain.  In CC2C akshay goes to china to save a village from the villain, learn kungfu and saves the Village.  The Movie yodha was released 17 years before CC2C and  after seeing CC2C i feel  YODHA is better than CC2C.

I don’t know if there is any other films which has come out with similar story line.

My rating for CC2C  2/10

and a danger note to end the film “TO BE CONTINUED”

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