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just have a look at the image below

crazy  windows group

crazy windows group

The firefox is grouped along with the windows explorer windows.. I couldnt find out why this is happening.     The system admins at my office said they are seeing it for the first time.  i couldnt find an answer about it in google. if anyone knows why it is happening.. please share your knowledge

Is it yet another bug in windows?? god knows.


Posted on: July 29, 2008

Bugs!!! its the most common word in the software industry.
whatever you do in software field you end up in a bug..
The software market leaders are the leaders in Bugs too.

Bugs come in many forms..  lets discuss some of it

Most of the bugs occur because the programmer (i wish to call him the bug maker 😛 ) gets distracted due to the lady sitting in next seat or may be because of the beautiful lady he saw that day morning (yeah ladies are the root cause).

Another set of bugs occur because the bug maker wants to show off in front of the above mentioned root causes 😛

Yet another kind of bugs that are formed because there is no bug in food.  when there is no bug in food the bug maker enjoys his food to maximum and gets sleepy… this causes lots of bugs

The bug maker sometimes creates some bugs.  this is because he is saturated with bugs. and whatever comes out of him will be buggy

Some bugs  are Created purposefully. These bugs helps the programmer in different ways like making a DNA test to determine the father of the bugs  andd so on..  these bugs are always a headache to the user (i wish to call him the idiot who uses bugs)

there are certain bugs that are hidden by bug maker but due to foolish intervention by the user these bugs gets revealed. this leads to many problems. these problems can include the bug maker being fired of his  bug making.

Another big part of bug makers are known as designers. they actually design how a bug should be. Their bug is the dirtiest bug to tackle with. because they themselves dont know why the bug is created.

well about me.. i’m too good in bug making.   i creates around 3-4 bugs a day.. but i swear i never kill any bug.. i lkeep them hidden from others..  i challenge you to find the bugs i’ve created 😛

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