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How to marry for free

Follow the following steps

  1. Reach Bangalore/Bengaluru latest by Feb 14th

  2. After reaching Bangalore spot where the mad Muthalik’s gang is waiting with nuptial knot.(To spot them is easy they will be wearing pink underwear which they got through pink chaddi campaign)

  3. once you spot them, approach any good looking girl around you and offer the pack of lays which you are eating. (make sure Mad Muthalik’s gang see this.)

  4. That’s it. now the mad Muthalik’s gang will make arrangements for your marriage. absolutely for free and will give you saree which you can give to your new wife

  5. Plan your honeymoon dont miss this or u will have to reapeat all these steps next valentines day

  6. Dont Miss the Children’s day celebrations on nov 14th 😛

Yesterday bangalore witnessed a series of blasts.. and today the same thn in ahmedabad.. one big question…  Are the police and other concerned agencies still in belief that it is an odd instance…

what we can read from these 2 blasts is “Its a complete failure from the part of police and Intelligence agencies”. And one key point to be noted.  The people behind the attack chose less destructive materials for these blasts and I don’t think those anti social elements have targeted public crowd; other wise news headlines would have been flooded with numbers of dead. What i can infer from these is that those anti-social is trying to give a warning about something more dangerous… so my humble request to the police and intelligence agencies  PLEASE WAKE UP AND SAVE THE NATION

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