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This is the copy of the article that i wrote for the college magazine. . i thought i will post a copy of it in my blog. just for everyone to read.

I don’t want a go back to my Engineering College Life…

Yes! you read it correctly… I’ve always heard people saying college life was the golden time of their life and they dream of going back to those days. but surely that isn’t the case with my BTech student Life. If I’m given a chance to do that course again I won’t take it, because you can’t make the bad decision twice. I still believe I made the worst decision of my life when I cancelled my higher option to get admission to MA College. My friend got in to MA College just because I cancelled my higher option.

I already got a bad signal before I joined the college. The strikes against admission process in the private self financing colleges were going on at that time. The visuals of strike were shown on television. And the way a professor was reacting to the strikers and to the media personals were shown in television. Even though the media marked him out in red circle on television I thought it would be just a momentarily reaction but I later understood that is his character and none of the students or staff liked him. Lucky for the new students he has left the college now.

Another instance which comes to my mind was the worms in water of Girls hostel. The girls were complaining a lot about the worms in the water. They complained but there was no proper response. They were given reply as “it might be a rare instance”. The girls were afraid even to take bath in that water, and we were the worst to suffer because of their smell due to non-bathing (just kidding). After 3 days, when the whole college came to know about this and after we had a long discussion about it in orkut and yahoo chat rooms and when few started to move over to relatives’ homes authorities took action. I remember somebody jokingly wrote “Recipe of worm noodles”.

Abhiyantriki was the best event I had while in college. 48 hours on duty without sleep!!! I haven’t enjoyed any work like that.. it was one of the turning points of my life were i actually realized my potential. I owe a lot to my seniors and teachers who gave me a very responsible task for the event. Special mention to my partner in crime Vivek M. L…

How can i forget Bharatam 2006!? Bharatam 2006 was the first time (and last time so far) i was on stage for a program other than a speech. Perfect planning, perfect understanding between the teammates, near to perfect execution that was the key to our success for Bharatam 2006. Not just me but I’m sure everyone enjoyed every bit of Bharatam 2006. i got appreciation from many people for doing good job in the Bharatam 2006 even though i actually did very little. It was my Friends Rosh and Ashly who did most of the work. Ashly’s performance with keyboard was awesome. Teena and Rosh proved others are too far from even a competition on stage. Brand Wars!.. i won’t forget it.. some very nice funny moments, Vinay and koshy did really well..

Reading last 2 paragraphs you might feel I liked college. No it’s only a little bit of it. Worse things were there, a lot more in number. But I don’t feel like mentioning them just because I got lot better things to do and most of the characters involved have moved out of college.


20 years are completed since world wide web is born.  it was on March 13th , 1989,   Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web of internet.

The web interlinked people from across the globe.  it created revolution in communication and entertainment, such that now everything is dependent on the web. some calls it world wild web!!, amazingly wild enough for common man to understand every aspects of  it.

Wild and wide the web is now; no man predicted its growth to such a big extent 20 years back.   Still growing and new wonders coming out daily.   No wonder if i someone calls it wild wonder web .

The  Oscars are out and as expected slumdog millionaire wins 8 of them ..

The awards for slumdog millionaire are



Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song)
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE “Jai Ho” –> Music by A.R. Rahman; Lyric by Gulzar

Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score)

Achievement in Film Editing

Achievement in Sound Mixing
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE –> Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty

Achievement in Cinematography

Adapted Screenplay
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE –> Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy

Congratulations All Winners..

RAHMAN and RASUL and Gulzar  made INDIA Proud .. congrats all

Chandni Chowk and delhi 6..   Both the name are of same places… When 2 films comes out simultaneously  featuring the same area it naturally makes everybody anxious to check out which one has done better.
i saw both the films on the second day of the release itself.

Chandni chowk to china had some good comedy, good songs and some good action scenes. But as a whole none of them matched with the rest. and as a film it was a failure. I personally marked it as the first big flop of the year.

The expectations was huge on Delhi 6. The Music by AR Rahman was so great.  But the film again disappointed, especially the climax.  No man with commonsense can accept such a climax.  it was one of the worst climax i have ever seen.  The kale bandar factor if used properly would have kept the people interested. It looked like the Director failed to express the story line in an interesting way.. Sonam Kapoor did her part very well. hats off to her .. the rest was just mediocre..

Delhi 6

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Abishek Bachan  is thrashed by angry mob –> one man shot him with a pistol –> abishek bachan goes to heaven –> meet amitab bachan there.. they eat “jilebi” (in heaven) –> came back to earth to take his cellphone. ..–> couldnt get it.. –> goes back to heaven –> on earth now the ECG shows a straight line.. (ie: he is dead) –> in heaven amitabh waves hands at abishek saying good bye from heaven..–> abishek back to earth.. ECG comes live

thats it…. DELHI 6 please go and watch the film..

after all why should i only suffer all these..

my rating for Delhi 6

without its songs.  1/10

with songs 2/10

Sad News to all

No More Free marriages.. Muthalik withdrew his offer after he lost the battle to the pink chaddi’s

Cancel your feb 14th tickets to bangalore ; no more free marriages there..

the battle of pink seemed to be equally placed till yesterday.. but today i think pink chaddi’s made a huge win..

lets wait for next valentines day for a free marriage

This is an email forward i got today morning from the bobanandmolly yahoogroup.

i liked the humour but felt little sad on humiliating the great actor…  i’m waiting for the counter mail of this from the mammootty fans. hope they will take it in a sportsman spirit.

no offense indented by me 😛


I am Mammootty, most of my films are super duper flops. So my producers are in big loss. If you forward this mail to 10 peoples, I will get 10 Paise. If you have heart, please forward this mail and help me. If you help me now I will quit acting in Malayalam and go to Hindi/Tamil/Kannada films. If not I will torture you. Forward this to all my fans………

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