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Revolutionizing the web through 140 words.  The concept was seen with eyebrows raised by everyone initially. but soon it became popular .. very popular.. i mean twitter

i registered in twitter on 07/07/08 but initially wasn’t very active on twitter.. in fact like any other lay man it took time for me to understand what is its essence. The Question “what are you doing ?” is i think the 2nd simplest question anyone can ask you. First one being “How are you?”

There are a few people who took the twitter question “what are you doing?” in a literal sense . @alenp being one of them.
I suggest a change in the twitter question just for those who can’t think beyond anything literal “what where How when why?” one word extra but more meaning or meaningless!!!! anyway i read it somewhere and it just came to my mind while thinking about twitter.

till a recent time back being online meant we are nto in real world. but now things are changing. online friends meeting up quite often and much important. the online friends knows each other very well and are mostly of the same mindset to accept each other (do you think otherwise they would have become friends?)

Orkut meets,Twitter meets etc happening very often and good participation every time..

last weekend i had the Orkut meet up of Kerala Friends Club community and also in the same evening i attended the cochin Twitter meet up aka Tweetup (#coktup, @sid88 coined it). more details of the #coktup available at twitterkerala.com

Lots of business for proper users and for spammers its almost loosing customers..  that is the online world (or rather twitter) today for you.

Will be back with more about it. soooooon

between here i’m on twitter @zeqox
tailnote:     Is Tweeting killing blogging ? i feel so …

The sri rama sena is growing more and more weird and bizarre day by day..

Initially i thought they are terrorists.. but now i feel they are truly “MAD”

Arresting the sri rama sena chief and members and putting them in jail is not going to be a solution for this.

The solution will be take Mr terrorist Muthalik and his mad gang to a good mental hospital and give proper treatment.  If  the government raises fund as contribution from public to treat muthalik and gang in a proper mental hospital , people will be very happy and generous in contributing for this holy cause. A shock treatment is must for muthalik and his mad gang.



I read about reports about Pramod Muthalik’‘s statement that his right-wing group would not allow people to celebrate Valentie’s day.
A big applause to Cabinet Minister Renuka Chaudary for her Reaction against the new Political terrorist Promod Muthalik’s comment . We all support You Madam.  India will see its best ever Valentine’s day celebration this year.

Who the hell is this Muthalik to say about culture.  ??? If he is to decide on what others should do then better let him rule the country ..

This time If the Dirty Political terrorists by the name sri rama sena or anyone else try to act rough on Valentine’s day, Let me make it clear the Indians are not going to let you go free.  We The Real Indians will Give it back to you.

My Dear friends Get pepared for a war against these modern day terrorists. Lets teach them the basic lessons of democracy. its already late we give it back to these dirty f**king new age terrorists. But its always better late than Never. Lets start this very minute. Long Live Democracy Long Live the Real India.

Sri rama sena is day by day becoming worse and is now no better than The bloody talibani terrosists. One request to Mr Terrorist Muthalik “Please Change the Name of Your Organisation .. Please dont Defame Lord Rama.. Putting Lord Rama’s name to your organisation is the biggest sin you can do to Lord Rama. “

Rule 49-O has been the hottest email doing its rounds in the last couple of weeks. to be specific after the mumbai terror attacks.

I got the mail from more than 50 people and still keeps on getting it. and io’ve seen the same post hundreds of times in orkut communities.  To be honest i belived it was a true mail and even posted a topic in an orkut community.  But that night when i sat in front of compouter , i observed  that the way the emails opf 49-O are coming in are just like the usual chain emails . That made me research on the topic.

First I searched for an e-copy of the constitution of india.  and later realizing that i saw the phrase conduct of elections 1961 in most of the emails  i searched for it instead of the constitution .  and to make my search easier i opted for search only in the gov.in and nic.in domains

And soon I was successfull in getting the e-copy of conduct of election rules  1961 . I got it  from the website of Law Ministry .  Here is the link to that.

I actually found the rule 49-O stated in the e copy of  Conduct of Elections Rules 1961 .

49-O.   Elector  deciding  not  to  vote.-If  an  elector,  after  his electoral  roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in  Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon  as required  under  sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to  record  his vote,  a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form  17A  by  the  presiding  officer  and  the  signature  or  thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.

It had nothing saying about the repoll or nothing about the barring of candidates etc.  That made me research further on the topic. This time I searched for the counting procedure. so that i can know if the NO VOTEs is counted at any stage.  and eventually i reached at the pdf link of  handbook to the collection agents

Here in the end i found one column asking the counting agent to write in the number of NO VOTEs as per the rule 49-O. but prioceeding further i understood that  writing the Number of   NO VOTEs is only to make sure that the total number of Votes tally with the voting slips issued.

And i searched further and found that lots of  proposals for Making the NO Votes of 49-O rule countable as it is said in the email forwards has gone to the governnment and it has never been put into action




The National Informatics Centre has copmeup with an online petition system for public

The URL to the online  Grievence handling system is  http://eparathi.kerala.nic.in/

The above URL works for the state of kerala..  i’m not sure if such  URL’s exist for the rest of the states in India. If you can find them please add it as comment to this Post

This is a web based system for handling the Public Grievances. ePARATHI is the acronym for Petition Accept, Redress and Acknowledge Through Internet. Filing of petition and action entry on the petitions are both happening simultaneously in this system. Thus ePARATHI provides the latest status on the actions taken on a petition.
Any person who needs to submit a Petition to the Government can access the ePARATHI from any Internet location. They are the Public users of this system. Public can also view the action taken on the petition at any time.

Registered users are the officers and staff authorized for handling the petitions. Each user will have a Login-Id and password to enter this system. The users are created by the administrator of the system. The actions taken by these users on the petition will be immediately available for the petitioner.

ePARATHI is basically, a system for handling the Public Grievances received at the District Collectorates. The Public Grievance Cell at the Collectorates forwards the petitions to the related officers in their district. So the PG Cell can handle the petition only for their district.

I Hope Every citizen makes use of this online tool for filing petitions. and i hope this system works properly.

But then they(Taj Staff) decided to evacuate us, because they had heard that the old Taj wing was on fire. And some Member of Parliament, who was in the room with us, talked to a radio station and said that there were 200 people safe and secure, but locked up in the Chambers. And this was reported also on TV. So the Taj staff very valiantly tried to evacuate us, since our undisclosed location had been disclosed.

This is quoted from the interview that The New York-based couple Anjali and Michael Pollack gave to rediff.com after they survived the Mumbai terror attack in Taj hotel

So silly from the Part Of the MP and from the Part  of Media.  The reporting of the Mumbai terror attack was great,  but senseless.

I Support Vishal Dadlani’s Small Change Petition . Please sign the petition and make a change

And All Credits to Taj Staff for holding their nerves and helping others.

Nation Salutes your bravery

The latest wave of attacks in Mumbai by the Pak based LeT have created a wave of nationalism in the minds of us Indians. Never has there been such a national uproar against the Political clowns of our country. What these clowns and the LeT morons fail to undermine was that although we are a nation of Millions of passionate cries, we are a great nation, a nation which has given leaders like Subash Chandra Bose, Lokmanya Tilak, Chandra Shekar Azad, Bhaghat Singh…….

As the whole of India mourns the death of our people, the rest of the world is playing mind games. These people are hell bend on destroying our country.

We were ambushed and slaughtered again! There is legitimacy for what we do at this juncture. Forget peace for now. We have to show them that we are strong.

We have laws of a civilized nation and we cannot afford to be uncivilized, but I say we should resist such laws for now. You tell me what law protects terrorists?? It is time that we heard with new ears. Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values. It is time for our armed forces to conduct deep penetration strikes in the heart of Pakistan and POK to destroy the Terrorists training camps. As the saying goes ‘Its Now or Never’.

Are our political clowns hearing!!!!!!!!!

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