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I read about reports about Pramod Muthalik’‘s statement that his right-wing group would not allow people to celebrate Valentie’s day.
A big applause to Cabinet Minister Renuka Chaudary for her Reaction against the new Political terrorist Promod Muthalik’s comment . We all support You Madam.  India will see its best ever Valentine’s day celebration this year.

Who the hell is this Muthalik to say about culture.  ??? If he is to decide on what others should do then better let him rule the country ..

This time If the Dirty Political terrorists by the name sri rama sena or anyone else try to act rough on Valentine’s day, Let me make it clear the Indians are not going to let you go free.  We The Real Indians will Give it back to you.

My Dear friends Get pepared for a war against these modern day terrorists. Lets teach them the basic lessons of democracy. its already late we give it back to these dirty f**king new age terrorists. But its always better late than Never. Lets start this very minute. Long Live Democracy Long Live the Real India.

Sri rama sena is day by day becoming worse and is now no better than The bloody talibani terrosists. One request to Mr Terrorist Muthalik “Please Change the Name of Your Organisation .. Please dont Defame Lord Rama.. Putting Lord Rama’s name to your organisation is the biggest sin you can do to Lord Rama. “

Obama has started his actions. First one to catch the headlines being the freezing of actions in Guantanamo. It was one of his promises in the election to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
He has ordered a freeze of actions, but that doesn’t mean letting free the guilty. The accused will be trialed in some other court , that is sure. The only reason for freezing the current on going trials will be the un-humanitarian kind of treatment in the guantanamo. Guantanamo had been many times hot news for the media for bad reasons. This would have forced the new President to initiate shut down actions on Guantanamo

I wish Mr.Obama all the best on his new job as the president of America

I wasn’t interested in continuing to write against the controversial remarks by Kerala CM VS Achuthanandan. But Few Responses to my previous posts and few comments  by the VS supporters prompted me to write about this issue again.

First of all let me make it clear i’m not an anti VS  supporter. i supports  him for his initiative in the action against real estate mafia, and other actions he has initiated in his run as CM of kerala.

My only concern is focused on Kerala CM’s attitude and words he use following mumbai terror attacks.

let me pin point it out.

1) Political secretary of Kerala CM went for the Funeral of Sandeep Unnikrishnan. But did the Political secretary or anybody try to speek it out till VS made his controversial remark.??

2) Kerala Media Complained that the kerala Govt ignored Sandeeps unnikrishanan.  wasnt it true?  VS and Kodiyeri was at party meeting and as described in a polpular malayalam daily another minister was busy inagurating tourist boat.  I didnt hear any statement from the part of govt or CM expressing their condolence officialy to martyrs family.

3) Mr Unnikrishnan Had made it clear he dont want to see any politicians and he didnt even attend call from Indian defence minister. So was it necassery for the  CM tro visit sandeeps house on his way back fromthe party meeting.?

4)  Wasn’t it possible for CM to make a statement to press   and express his condolence to Martyr even between the party meeting? it sounds ridiculious to go to a martyr’s house to express condolence  3 days after the death and i day after the funeral.

5) I’m not arguing that unnikrishnan’s actions were right. He wasnt right. At the same time his reaction could be seen as a reaction from a father who has lost his only son  and the  initial ignorance from Kerala Govt mighthave made him say that.

6) Now to the controversial remark by CM.  the reporter did ask whats the comments about unnikrishnanas words.  But was it appropriate for the CM to say what he said.

The media later reported that some family member of the martyr saying “reply by the chief minister as quite natural and pointed out that there would have been no controversy had such a question not been raised”.

quite natural !!!!  My question is–> Is it appropriate for a Chief Minister To reply in a non dignified manner ??

And  about the journalist who asked the question… what is wrong in the question?  the question was a simple one.  CM could have ignored the question or could have replied using some better words.  but he stick to the words that hurts any dignified man or family in the country

7) No regarding his reactions later. He said he wont say sorry and he never did. One o my previous Posts (Atlast he said sorry) wad based on the media reports which said he said sorry. But later when i reviewd his press conference remarks i found that he never said sorry.  he just expressed his regret on the issue.

8 ) Is regret and sorry the same. ?   i havnt learnt so.  I still demand VS should say sorry rather than just expresing his regret.  Or else in future  we might have to see similar or worse remarks from politicians or others and we will have to see them escaping without saying sorry.

9) Is it sandeeps family alone who should say they have forgiven kerala CM.??

NO. sandeeps didnt die for his family he died for the entire country. i belive it is the country which has to forgive Achuthanandan and not Sandeeps family alone. But the Media found it interesting in defining the issue with just sandeeps family on the scene.





At last the Honourable CM of kerala made up his mind to say sorry.

It is Very late for him to say sorry but still he said sorry.. that is something rare from politicians.

but i still stick to what i said in my last post .. his comment is the blunder of the year

Now i would like to see the BJP activists who made that dirty seen in front of Secratriate to say sorry for what they did,.

I would also like to hear the comments from Mr Unnikrishnan.

I would say for any keralite including me  the Blunder of the year 2008 is Kerala’s own chief minister V S Achuthanandan.

Emotional when he should not be emotional

Idle when he should be active

Active when he should be Inactive

Talking When he should be silent.

Walking when he should be idle

Silent when he should be speaking

Senseless when he should be sensefull

Do you need more reasons for electing him as the Blunder of the Year??

Caste your votes for the Kerala Blunder of the year 2008

Here is what happened in CM’s interview

‘He (Sandeep’s father) says that the Kerala chief minister did not come whereas the Karnataka chief minister came in the morning itself, and that Kerala has ignored him.

He got all worked up over this,’ Achuthanandan told television channel Times Now in Thiruvananthapuram.

The chief minister asked, ‘Is there a rule that the chief ministers of Kerala and Karnataka should be there at the same time?’

After a pause, the chief minister went on to say, ‘If it had not been Sandeep’s house, not even a dog would have glanced that way.’

‘It is Sandeep’s family and that is why we went. A soldier’s father should have had the sense to understand that,’ the chief minister said.

Pity on you Mr Chief Minister.. ..  being a malayali   I’m ashamed of your comments ..  I curse you you’ll never again win an election.


CM and home misister  for their party meeeting and never bothered to even express their condolences to late major sandeep unnikrishnan’s until sunday.

sandeeps father didnt allow the ministers to enter his house when they finally turned up on sunday night.

enthe abipraayathil 2 mantrimaarem mukkaliyil kettiyittu chaanaka vellam thalichu choolinadikanamaayirunu

will the malayalies in kerala learn from Mr unnikrishnan and do the same when these dirty politicians come askign for votes for next election..

I’ll close my doors against these dirty politicians who just want to stick to the power and do nothing for the people. ..

i’ll say it was actually publicity stunt was by achumama and kodiyeri..

if they wanted to really convey their condolences why did they announce to media about visiting sandeep’s house. achumama and kodiyeri should have gone in for funeral if they were not aiming publicity stunt ..

For achumama and kodiyeri party comes first not nation..

shame on the kerala ministers..

People will  respond to all this in the coming elections!!
GUYS AND GIRLS do cast your vote to people who you think would be able to bring a change to the country !! who could help India grow!!

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