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Revolutionizing the web through 140 words.  The concept was seen with eyebrows raised by everyone initially. but soon it became popular .. very popular.. i mean twitter

i registered in twitter on 07/07/08 but initially wasn’t very active on twitter.. in fact like any other lay man it took time for me to understand what is its essence. The Question “what are you doing ?” is i think the 2nd simplest question anyone can ask you. First one being “How are you?”

There are a few people who took the twitter question “what are you doing?” in a literal sense . @alenp being one of them.
I suggest a change in the twitter question just for those who can’t think beyond anything literal “what where How when why?” one word extra but more meaning or meaningless!!!! anyway i read it somewhere and it just came to my mind while thinking about twitter.

till a recent time back being online meant we are nto in real world. but now things are changing. online friends meeting up quite often and much important. the online friends knows each other very well and are mostly of the same mindset to accept each other (do you think otherwise they would have become friends?)

Orkut meets,Twitter meets etc happening very often and good participation every time..

last weekend i had the Orkut meet up of Kerala Friends Club community and also in the same evening i attended the cochin Twitter meet up aka Tweetup (#coktup, @sid88 coined it). more details of the #coktup available at twitterkerala.com

Lots of business for proper users and for spammers its almost loosing customers..  that is the online world (or rather twitter) today for you.

Will be back with more about it. soooooon

between here i’m on twitter @zeqox
tailnote:     Is Tweeting killing blogging ? i feel so …

I just thought about what to write about.

i’ll write about orkut..  infact my experiences with orkut

i joined in orkut sometime in early 2006 i dont remember the exact date but i remember it was in february.  i staqrted orkuting just out of curiosity but now its has become part of my life..  i found my old pals  through orkut.  i think the older generations has benefited more from this cute tool as most of them found their very long missing pals through orkut.

For me its everything… i decided to leave orkut many time but i wasnt late to understand i cant leave it.

my 600+ friends out there.. i know each of them in person.  The life without orkut would have been totally different.

The good and the bad ..   yes orkut has both sides of which i would like to concentrate on the good side.  yes i’m an addict of orkut (i think i will put this on the bad side of orkut) it makes everyone an addict of itself.

here is the link to my orkut profile

enjoy orkutting..

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