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Revolutionizing the web through 140 words.  The concept was seen with eyebrows raised by everyone initially. but soon it became popular .. very popular.. i mean twitter

i registered in twitter on 07/07/08 but initially wasn’t very active on twitter.. in fact like any other lay man it took time for me to understand what is its essence. The Question “what are you doing ?” is i think the 2nd simplest question anyone can ask you. First one being “How are you?”

There are a few people who took the twitter question “what are you doing?” in a literal sense . @alenp being one of them.
I suggest a change in the twitter question just for those who can’t think beyond anything literal “what where How when why?” one word extra but more meaning or meaningless!!!! anyway i read it somewhere and it just came to my mind while thinking about twitter.

till a recent time back being online meant we are nto in real world. but now things are changing. online friends meeting up quite often and much important. the online friends knows each other very well and are mostly of the same mindset to accept each other (do you think otherwise they would have become friends?)

Orkut meets,Twitter meets etc happening very often and good participation every time..

last weekend i had the Orkut meet up of Kerala Friends Club community and also in the same evening i attended the cochin Twitter meet up aka Tweetup (#coktup, @sid88 coined it). more details of the #coktup available at twitterkerala.com

Lots of business for proper users and for spammers its almost loosing customers..  that is the online world (or rather twitter) today for you.

Will be back with more about it. soooooon

between here i’m on twitter @zeqox
tailnote:     Is Tweeting killing blogging ? i feel so …

Facebook have brought out its new homepage design.

Shifting from the old design to this one seems to be terribly confusing. Face book’s new design reminds me of  Twitter  design. but facebook have failed in integrating everything into that simple design.

you got everything crowded on center of your page while you have lots of empty white space still in screen.

personally  i didnt like the design.

20 years are completed since world wide web is born.  it was on March 13th , 1989,   Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web of internet.

The web interlinked people from across the globe.  it created revolution in communication and entertainment, such that now everything is dependent on the web. some calls it world wild web!!, amazingly wild enough for common man to understand every aspects of  it.

Wild and wide the web is now; no man predicted its growth to such a big extent 20 years back.   Still growing and new wonders coming out daily.   No wonder if i someone calls it wild wonder web .

It was really a shocker to hear the news of  Tax Fraud the Satyam chairman  and CEO, B Ramalinga Raju, admitted today.  The Impact of this is expected to very vast and may even be a retarding force in the growth of Indian IT Sector.  Considering the Financial crisis this was the worst time this Fraud could have come out.

The Government should take steps to ensure that No Fraud like this will ever take place even in Private sector. the Laws of the country needs to be tightened and executed efficiently to avoid such frauds again. Strong action should be taken against Raju so that it will be a lesson to rest of the country

As Raju himself said “It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten” Now he has got down of the tiger and is being eaten. How hard the bites can be thats the question.

Lets hope we will not have to hear such a Worse news in future.

just have a look at the image below

crazy  windows group

crazy windows group

The firefox is grouped along with the windows explorer windows.. I couldnt find out why this is happening.     The system admins at my office said they are seeing it for the first time.  i couldnt find an answer about it in google. if anyone knows why it is happening.. please share your knowledge

Is it yet another bug in windows?? god knows.

I downloaded the google chrome today morning.   My initial views of the Google Chrome are

Google Chrome UI looks really good. The google have made yet another great user interface. Its really different from its counterparts and gives a clean and simple look and feel ..

Its rendering is really good.  it is a real threat to IE

The tabs of Chrome is really looking good. unlike the downward tabs of firefox iot has a better looking upward tabs

The omnibox feature is looking great at the moment.  the auto completeion is really good and i guess \this will get improved in the days to come

The Home page that is the most useful feature  for most of the users (and for some people might be most annoying  feature).  the thumbnail give us an idea of the history in a better way than the existing methods of IE and Firefox. it shows the recent visits, recent searches recently closed tabs and bookmarks. thwe history section is completely redifend in chrome

The google Chrome can fetch a website from the google cache if the actual webpage is not working.

incognito mode is yet to be tested.

Here is the link to download Chrome if you havnt done it Yet http://www.google.com/chrome/

This is all i could get in an hour since i downloaded the chrome.

I had read the comic about google chrome last day . it was really good..

The way the google marketed the new product was simply unbelivable. in just 2 days it created much news than firefox 3 could do in a month.

My Net connection at home is BSNL Datone  home plan 500 Broadband . It is really good in terms of speed and value for money . It gives 2mpbs net connection for just 500 rs/month + a free internet access during 2am to 8am everyday.  But when it comes to the customer service  BSNL sux big time.
A small rain is enough to slow down the net connection due to the rain water going into the junction boxes in the telephone posts. i covered the box near my home with plastic to prevent it from rain . The BSNL service man who came for some work over there took it off and never bothered to cover again.
Another funny instance of internet being slowdown happened last year September. This time the culprits were ANTS. yes ANTS. Ants had made the telephone junction box their home. It took the BSNL people one month to identify the problem and clear off the culprits.  i had interrupted service whole through that time.

Last weekend it was another funny problem with BSNL. This time the Net connection wasnt available. This time there was no RAIN no ANTS but the real culprits were BSNL itself. They changed their server and all the settings including the net connection password was changed. They never tried to pass this information to the public. Even when i called them the were just telling they will check out why the problem is.  and later told me its because of the server change. Why couldnt they inform customers about the change in settings. If we ask this question to BSNL officials they will ask “Why should they?” . Their attitude is like if you want something go behind thenm to get it done or go for some other service provider. No wonder Why the Private companies are establishing themselves in the ISP market

Will BSNL ever get customer Friendly ??

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