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The  Oscars are out and as expected slumdog millionaire wins 8 of them ..

The awards for slumdog millionaire are



Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Song)
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE “Jai Ho” –> Music by A.R. Rahman; Lyric by Gulzar

Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score)

Achievement in Film Editing

Achievement in Sound Mixing
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE –> Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty

Achievement in Cinematography

Adapted Screenplay
SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE –> Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy

Congratulations All Winners..

RAHMAN and RASUL and Gulzar  made INDIA Proud .. congrats all

Chandni Chowk and delhi 6..   Both the name are of same places… When 2 films comes out simultaneously  featuring the same area it naturally makes everybody anxious to check out which one has done better.
i saw both the films on the second day of the release itself.

Chandni chowk to china had some good comedy, good songs and some good action scenes. But as a whole none of them matched with the rest. and as a film it was a failure. I personally marked it as the first big flop of the year.

The expectations was huge on Delhi 6. The Music by AR Rahman was so great.  But the film again disappointed, especially the climax.  No man with commonsense can accept such a climax.  it was one of the worst climax i have ever seen.  The kale bandar factor if used properly would have kept the people interested. It looked like the Director failed to express the story line in an interesting way.. Sonam Kapoor did her part very well. hats off to her .. the rest was just mediocre..

Delhi 6

Posted on: February 22, 2009

Abishek Bachan  is thrashed by angry mob –> one man shot him with a pistol –> abishek bachan goes to heaven –> meet amitab bachan there.. they eat “jilebi” (in heaven) –> came back to earth to take his cellphone. ..–> couldnt get it.. –> goes back to heaven –> on earth now the ECG shows a straight line.. (ie: he is dead) –> in heaven amitabh waves hands at abishek saying good bye from heaven..–> abishek back to earth.. ECG comes live

thats it…. DELHI 6 please go and watch the film..

after all why should i only suffer all these..

my rating for Delhi 6

without its songs.  1/10

with songs 2/10

Sad News to all

No More Free marriages.. Muthalik withdrew his offer after he lost the battle to the pink chaddi’s

Cancel your feb 14th tickets to bangalore ; no more free marriages there..

the battle of pink seemed to be equally placed till yesterday.. but today i think pink chaddi’s made a huge win..

lets wait for next valentines day for a free marriage

This is an email forward i got today morning from the bobanandmolly yahoogroup.

i liked the humour but felt little sad on humiliating the great actor…  i’m waiting for the counter mail of this from the mammootty fans. hope they will take it in a sportsman spirit.

no offense indented by me 😛


I am Mammootty, most of my films are super duper flops. So my producers are in big loss. If you forward this mail to 10 peoples, I will get 10 Paise. If you have heart, please forward this mail and help me. If you help me now I will quit acting in Malayalam and go to Hindi/Tamil/Kannada films. If not I will torture you. Forward this to all my fans………

How to marry for free

Follow the following steps

  1. Reach Bangalore/Bengaluru latest by Feb 14th

  2. After reaching Bangalore spot where the mad Muthalik’s gang is waiting with nuptial knot.(To spot them is easy they will be wearing pink underwear which they got through pink chaddi campaign)

  3. once you spot them, approach any good looking girl around you and offer the pack of lays which you are eating. (make sure Mad Muthalik’s gang see this.)

  4. That’s it. now the mad Muthalik’s gang will make arrangements for your marriage. absolutely for free and will give you saree which you can give to your new wife

  5. Plan your honeymoon dont miss this or u will have to reapeat all these steps next valentines day

  6. Dont Miss the Children’s day celebrations on nov 14th 😛

Just got up after seeing INDIA win an amazing twenty 20 cricket match against srilanka. the match almost slipped away from india, but the pathan brothers had different plans. A great 8th wicket partnership of 59 from just 25 balls under lots of pressure.. that was truely incredible.

i’m really proud to see india even after losing 7 wickets was able to chase down the big target.  but top order collapse must be mended seriously.  we saw a collapse in the t20 match against australia . with focus on the t20 world championship soon coming up. we should  correct the issues with the top order collapse otherwise it would be dangerous..

once again congrats to irfan pathan and yusuf pathan for their valiant effort

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