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It was very disturbing to read the news of some anti social elements named sri ram sena carrying out attacks in a pub in mangalore.

Those who carried out this attack can be called nothing less than local terrorists. what better can we call these anti social people when we can see no much difference in their action compared with what Taliban do in afganistan and dirty pakistani terrorists do in kashmir.

If terrorism can be defined as any action that can cause terror feeling in the mind of public then these sri ram sena activists are nothig less than terrorists

who are these to talk about morality.. do they believe they are above constitution and laws.

morality is not attacking the inequiped.

morality is not attacking women

morality is not molesting women

morality is not supporting the attacks

morality is not taking laws in your hands

morality is not self declaring moral police.

The dirty narrow minded sri rama sena activists are still in 14th century. better be there in the old age , please dont come to disturb the human life of new centuary.

At last the oscar nominations are out,  and 10 Nominations of  “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE ”  including the 3 for A R RAHMAN

10 Oscar nominations are for  for Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay (Simon Beaufoy), Best Director (Danny Boyle), Best Original Score (A R Rahman), Best Song (Jai Ho and O Saya), Best Sound Editing (Tom Sayers), Best Sound Mixing (Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty), Best Cinematography (Anthony Dod Mantle) and Best Film Editing (Chris Dickens).

I wish all the best to all the Nominees. and specially pray for them

Lets wait for the oscar  night with ur fingers crossed.

Lets pray for a 10/10 for slumdog millionaire

Its really a moment for every indian to be proud of

Obama has started his actions. First one to catch the headlines being the freezing of actions in Guantanamo. It was one of his promises in the election to shut down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
He has ordered a freeze of actions, but that doesn’t mean letting free the guilty. The accused will be trialed in some other court , that is sure. The only reason for freezing the current on going trials will be the un-humanitarian kind of treatment in the guantanamo. Guantanamo had been many times hot news for the media for bad reasons. This would have forced the new President to initiate shut down actions on Guantanamo

I wish Mr.Obama all the best on his new job as the president of America

Yesterday i went to my old college(RAJAGIRI SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY). The event was an interaction session with the 2006-2010 batch B-Tech (IT) students. The event was named “Filling the Gap”. The name of the event was very apt . it was all about telling them the gap between where they are now and where they are aiming at..

I felt really Nostalgic once i entered the classroom. It was really wonderful seeing the students in my place and totally different at the thought i was in the shoes of a lecturer. i cant explain it properly through words. I have given long and short speeches on many small and large stages, have acted in skits during college days etc etc, but this very feeling was really amazing and one of its kind for me.

The class was very obedient unlike what we used to be in our days of college life ;) .

I love having such talks and I hope i can get more stages of same kind.

Today i went for the much hyped warner bros movie “Chandni Chowk to China”.

The movies and the action scenes are great in this new age bollywood movie .  The Actions scens are taken in a great style. But the action scenes lacked a directors touch.  I didnt feel like having such unrealistic action scenes suited the movie storyline. I felt the actions scenes were like a hump on the back of the movie.

The comedy scenes were mostly good and fairly new. Akshay and deepika has done a good job. But the director Nikhil Advani failed to make a boredomless real of 160 mintues,  many a times the film made me look at my watch.

and a small counter to a warner bros comment which i read on rediff.com

Their comment was

“We want to protect this film as much as we do with our other films,” said Richard Fox, executive vice president, Warner Bros International, “Warner Bros is very particular about copyright. We are also fighting on another front; when we hear that producers in India are trying to remake our films without permission, we have been taking ads in the newspapers, telling them they have to talk to us first.”

Mr Richard Fox please try to Get a copy of 1992 released Malayalam movie YODHA(Starring mohanlal, directed by santhosh sivan) . The Story Line of movies are similar  and YODHA had a far more realistic and better comedy and actions scenes.

In YODHA Mohanlal goes to Nepal to save Rimpoche and buddhist community from villain, learns martial arts and kills the villain.  In CC2C akshay goes to china to save a village from the villain, learn kungfu and saves the Village.  The Movie yodha was released 17 years before CC2C and  after seeing CC2C i feel  YODHA is better than CC2C.

I don’t know if there is any other films which has come out with similar story line.

My rating for CC2C  2/10

and a danger note to end the film “TO BE CONTINUED”

Everyone has been talking about Malayalam Mega Star Mammootty’s blog.  i too had checked it earlier..

Today i just thought i would check the website of mammootty.  the site address is http://www.mammootty.com.   i’m a hardcore firefox fan and always use firefox.  Firefox has a great service reporting malware sites .  and to my surprise while i tried to access the website of mammootty i got warning from firefox of a possible malware attack site.

the screenshot of it is

mamootty website screeshot

Mammootty created lots of news with his blog (with just one post), But i request him to check his website and please update and maintain it properly.  Google removes such malware sites  if the site is not cleared of the possible malware. they give some time before removing the sites from their database.   Being removed from google might not harm him any way but surely leaves a bad mark in the internet searches.  The world is becoming more connected day by day and such a bad mark might not be healty for a Mega star.

To Mammootty, if you are reading this, just one request : ” Sir, Please update Your Site “

Australian batsman Matthew Hayden retired from international cricket on Tuesday.
He was a real threat to opposition bowlers and his score of 380 was once the top score in international cricket.
The bowlers around the world will be relied to hear the retirement news of Hayden.
Another era ends in cricket

It is a great achivement in all senses. first ever time in  the 66 year history of Golden Globe awards an Indian have won it.

Congrats to A R Rahman , the legend of Music.

I wish you all the best to win the OSCAR award also. he prayers of whole India is with you.

we all are waiting for the film slumdog millionaire

Its about three days since the Oil company executives have gone on strike and consequences are already seen.  The Life has reached a pause state.  The Petroleum minister had talks with the striking employees  but still the government lacks idea to overcome the situation.

If the problem is not solved by today afternoon i fear we are going to face great loss in every sector.  already the petrol pumps have dried out.  And the situation is worse than a Bharath Bandh now.   The Government must act and arrange solution for emergency needs of petroleum

Its already late. Please don’t make it later again

Results of CAT 2008 can  be got from   http://results.catiim.in

here are my results of CAT 2008

Test Section Score Percentile
Section – I Quantitative 25.00 (out of 100) 84.83
Section – II Logic & Data Interpretation 36.00 (out of 96) 94.55
Section – III Verbal 5.00 (out of 160) 33.09
Total 66.00 (out of 356) 80.82

It doesnt look that great ..  infact last time i had a better score

But still i’m happy with it.

Can anyone sugest if i can get admission to any college with this score?  i mean any good private college

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