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FYI Mr Raj Thackeray

Posted on: November 28, 2008

i know it is not the right time. but i do have a question to Mr Raj Thackeray

Where the Hell are you bloody son of soil idiot.

Is it all Marathi’s who are fighting against the terrorists in the heart of the so called marathi’s city

There are malayalis, tamils, northies everyone in the fight against terror.

why didnt u stop the other state NSG’s and other armed force people from doing their job of fighting terror in mumbai..

Mr Raj Thackeray………  understand we are indians.. try to respect all indians irrespective of religion and language…  and avoid  your cheap political drams by beating the innocent north indians and other who come to maharashtra.


5 Responses to "FYI Mr Raj Thackeray"

Thackeray is no gsob,living in his own dream world of Thackerays either good or bad…no matter:He needs a shrink to get over his post menopouse period.

This is exactly what we were shouting for decades. No one is ready to accept this fact. Very good question

Bal, Raj, Uddhav Thackerays together with their Shiv Sena and MNS Band of Cowards are at home, shivering with terror and pissing their pants lest someone come after them. But worry not, I bet they will crawl out of their “bils” (ratholes) soon enough as it is safe and again start vomiting words out of their rear end that proclaim whose “baap” the poor city belongs to.

Every morning, Bal, Udhaav and the Shiv Sena put out the toilet paper they used that morning after renaming it “Saamna”. The mumbai attack has scared them into constipation, however that just means that we should expect them to heave out a real big pile of dung soon.. .

these bastart politicians escpically raj thackrey should be send to LOC with his mns for atleast a month ,then he will get the true taste of the shit he is throwing on the north indians, he sholud b ashamed of the dirty politics , why havent he threw nsg,army & navy out of the mumbai took charge at the Taj ,Oberio & the nariman tower.this bastartd should be thrown out of the mumbai


but for the fact that position. So hang on to!

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