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The Marine Commandos, Army Commandos, National Security Guards, and ATS deserve a GREAT SALUTE right from the heart of every INDIAN

We Indians salute and Pray for the souls of those brave officers who gave their life in the battle for Mumbai.

We hope such a bad thing will never again happen anywhere in the world.

Let the souls of Dead ones REST IN PEACE

After the mumbai terror attacks i have seen lots of people wanting a war against pakistan..

now my question is …. is war a necessity?

Try to imagine how many innocent human lifes will be at risk if a war occurs?? if we declare a war now. i believe that will be a war against the humanity

an eye for an eye was never india’s policy..  and remember india is the only country in the world which hasnt attacked any country in the known history.. we have a history of only defending the attacks . and that is why we are still a honourable country in front o the world.

I do belive in gandhigiri..

The best policy i feel in current situation is

Violence for Defense and Non-Violence for Attack

Such a policy  will only help to get the support of all the other countries of the world.  where as a war will only create financial crisis, loss of life and complete unsecure feeling though out the country

i know it is not the right time. but i do have a question to Mr Raj Thackeray

Where the Hell are you bloody son of soil idiot.

Is it all Marathi’s who are fighting against the terrorists in the heart of the so called marathi’s city

There are malayalis, tamils, northies everyone in the fight against terror.

why didnt u stop the other state NSG’s and other armed force people from doing their job of fighting terror in mumbai..

Mr Raj Thackeray………  understand we are indians.. try to respect all indians irrespective of religion and language…  and avoid  your cheap political drams by beating the innocent north indians and other who come to maharashtra.

Forgiving Terrorists is left to GOD.But fixing their appointment with GOD is our responsibility”-INDIAN ARMY

I suspect  this attack is in response of the indian cricketers non willingness to play in pakistan..
All other cricketing nations were calling off their tours to Pakistan
i think they might have started planing very early to take revenge of this,and now when our great team also called off the team they might have thought it is time to strike.
Pakistanis want to make others feel india is not a safe place to play cricket..
and i guess they have got their first win by England’s pulling off..

From the words of those escaped it is clear that the terrorists wanted to create the insecure feeling to foreigners.

India should announce no cooperation against Pakistan in sports field and other fields. India should  not participate in any sports event where Pakistan is participating unless pakistan stop the terror attacks and eradicate the bloody terrorists

Our intelligence wing is really ridiculous..  i don’t understand why govt pays salary for these useless people.

Americans gaive 10% of thier whole financial support to the Security while India just gives 0.01% Thats the main reason for the lack of commitment from our RAW forces. The government also is to be blamed.

Just think  case of a terrorist attack in US and they come out with millions of security checklists ensuring tht no such attack gets repeated and chased Al-qaeda thousands of kilometers across the globe and are still fighting. but here in india, instead of being second to only iraq in most number of people getting killed in terrorists attacks since 2003, still every other day there is a terrorist attack and all our doomed politicians are interested in is bashing opposition party F**k these politicians….

USA had only one 9/11
London had only one 7/7

Indians getting used to it after parliament attack,.7/11 blasts and lots f other terroruists attacks.

shame on the government and intelligence wing

An Unstable Mind is the reason for every problems in this world.

A love failure creates the most unstable mind

i loved

Posted on: November 17, 2008

I loved but no one cared.

i cared but no one wanted.

i wanted but no one gave.

i gave but no one thanked.

i thanked god for my life in this world

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