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Entrance Exams – My views

Posted on: October 10, 2008

Entrance exam should not be stopped but it should be made more effective..
i suggest banning the entrance coaching.. that just kills the +2 classes

What is Entrance exam meant for… ?

I feel Those who conduct the entrance exam forgets this fact.
The Entrance exam should be a testr of a persons aptitude to take up particular course. With proper question set and proper analysis of answers we should be able to award a student a seat for the course for which he/she has the aptitude.

In the current state the entrance exam is just a test to find out how fast can you write down the memorized answers.
yeah i mean it .!!!!! Repetition of questions is the biggest curse of the Entrance exams in kerala.. you doesn’t even need to know the trigonometric formulas to write an answer to a trigonometric problem.. the repetition is so bad and the entrance coaching centers just prepare the students to meet the repeated questions.

consequences of this.
#) Students doesn’t care for the +2 classes and concentrates only on the shortcuts for the entrance exams.
#) Students looses the basics. without proper understanding in the +2 classes no student can shine in any degree class
#) Only the students for wealthy family can go to these memorizing and shortcut classes(coaching classes) ==> the able students from lower class family’s looses out.. ==> In future this results in bad professionals for country ==> results in retarded growth of the nation

just a note to add Have any of gone through the CAT exams.. Hundreds of CAT coaching centers and yet Every year CAT Question paper surprises everyone.

What the Whole country wants ( not just kerala ) is a proper system of enterance exam which can assess a student’s ability and aptitude for his/her own future and for the future of the country

Its late now.. But its better late than never

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