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Congrats sachin!!!! for becoming the leading run scrorer in test cricket  history surpassing Brian Lara

No words to describe him.. he is the best of them all.. he had the ups and downs all thrugh his career .. but unlike others he remained in the game for all these 19 years… and still lot more is yet to come…

once again congrats sachin for turning stones into milestones

City In a stand still!!!!!!!!!!
Newspapers seems to put this kind news appreciating any events that is conducted in the city.
Its very common now a days that the city life getting stuck due to the events conducted by the political parties, religious and other social organizations.
Most of the times they set the stage up in heart of the city and brings in thousands of people for the function.
the excess people and excess vehicles they come in makes the city stand still.
The Police are helpless most of the time..
The political parties or organizations or people who conduct these events thinks they have shown their strength to the public.. but let me tell you frankly it doesn’t show your strength but shows lack of leadership and management capability.
Its never a credit to disturb normal life of majority of the common people.
No one cares who you are when you disturb the normal life .. they just curse you. (after all that is the only thing for which you cant be punished off)

The business community suffers the big loss. they loss major business during these days. That is  Because the people who comes in for the events are never potential customers and most of the city men who are potential customers prefers to stay away from he big crowd.

So If you are one of those organizers  you may now ask me then where should you conduct these events
Answer is plain and simple
Find places in suburban areas where it don’t affect the normal life of people, Places where there are adequate parking spaces, places where the national and state roads and other major roads are not disturbed much. If you can bring the people to city for an event then its possible to do it in any other place.
Benefits of shifting the events from cities to sub-urban or rural areas

  • You don’t affect productivity
  • you save money because the total cost for setin up an event in suburban or rural areas will be very much lesser
  • You don’t affect the Normal life of people
  • You gain popularity in the rural areas
  • In city most of the people have their own assessment about you. you cant  change it easily but in rural or suburban areas you can easily win the minds of people

To put in simple words “Those who conduct those big events in city SUXX big time”

yeah i feel bad friends,
i feel bad..
why do i feel bad?
i feel bad because
i feel very bad.

I Feel Bad about the Life.
I Feel Bad about the violence across the world
I Feel Bad about the economy
I Feel Bad about the poor and the orphans
I Feel Bad about the lazyness i have
I Feel Bad about the irresponsibility i have
I Feel Bad about the way she treated me
I Feel Bad beacuse i didnt see the options other than to love her
I Feel Bad because i still love her
I Feel Bad because i cursed her
I Feel Bad everything around me
I Feel very bad ………….

Entrance exam should not be stopped but it should be made more effective..
i suggest banning the entrance coaching.. that just kills the +2 classes

What is Entrance exam meant for… ?

I feel Those who conduct the entrance exam forgets this fact.
The Entrance exam should be a testr of a persons aptitude to take up particular course. With proper question set and proper analysis of answers we should be able to award a student a seat for the course for which he/she has the aptitude.

In the current state the entrance exam is just a test to find out how fast can you write down the memorized answers.
yeah i mean it .!!!!! Repetition of questions is the biggest curse of the Entrance exams in kerala.. you doesn’t even need to know the trigonometric formulas to write an answer to a trigonometric problem.. the repetition is so bad and the entrance coaching centers just prepare the students to meet the repeated questions.

consequences of this.
#) Students doesn’t care for the +2 classes and concentrates only on the shortcuts for the entrance exams.
#) Students looses the basics. without proper understanding in the +2 classes no student can shine in any degree class
#) Only the students for wealthy family can go to these memorizing and shortcut classes(coaching classes) ==> the able students from lower class family’s looses out.. ==> In future this results in bad professionals for country ==> results in retarded growth of the nation

just a note to add Have any of gone through the CAT exams.. Hundreds of CAT coaching centers and yet Every year CAT Question paper surprises everyone.

What the Whole country wants ( not just kerala ) is a proper system of enterance exam which can assess a student’s ability and aptitude for his/her own future and for the future of the country

Its late now.. But its better late than never

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