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Bandh and Harthal…

Posted on: September 18, 2008

One question to ask…
This time to high court of kerala!!!!

i would like to know the details of banning of “Bandh” in kerala.
years back the honorable high court of kerala banned “Bandh” in kerala.
I remember “Bandh” was banned mainly  because it affected the peaceful daily life of  people. The Supreme Court in a verdict had upheld  Kerala high court ruling declaring “Bandh”s illegal and made it applicable to the entire country.
Any way after that kerala didn’t had any more “Bandh” to add to history. But soon we saw another way kind of thing named “HARTHAL” becoming popular.
The way “HARTHAL” is affecting people seems to be worse than how “Bandh” was doing the harm.
Now My Big question is “Did the  High Court banned the Word “Bandh” or did The High Court Meant banning something that was affecting people’s life and was named “Bandh” during that time?”.

Now if court just meant to ban the usage of word “Bandh” ; what makes the court thinks so.
“Bandh” is neither an indecent word nor a racist remark. neither does the usage of that word harm any class of people in the country.It is actually the act of “Bandh” that hurts the most.

If the court meant to ban the act of “Bandh” the our dirty politicians has violated the ban made by the court by doing the same in another name (“HARTHAL”). Now its 10 years since the court banned the “Bandh” and still The same thing is happening every alternate days disguised in the name of “HARTHAL”. Why the court is blinding itself to the politicians who calls for the “Bandh” disguised in the name of “HARTHAL”. why the court is not taking action against violating the court rule ???

This makes the public feel untrustworthy about the court rules. If court can make helmets compulsory and fine people why not punish the bloody politicians who destroy billions of revenue in the name of “HARTHAL”.

Are we INDIANS ever going to see an India without these unholy “Bandh”s and “HARTHAL”s???

to tell the truth i’m ashamed to live in the land of “Bandh” and “HARTHAL”.


1 Response to "Bandh and Harthal…"

There is more to the topic discussed.

You call it by any name HARTAL or BANDH or STRIKE, it is conducted by some portion of interested persons (NOT COMMON PUBLIC) to force their way towards their goal against the person (also NOT COMMON MAN) who is obstructing reaching the goal. In both the cases , requring and refusing, no PUBLIC is involved. It should be sorted by the persons concerned within themselves.

But I am ubake to understand why unnecessarily PUBLIC who are NOT the party for any of the above. Is it that all sections of interested persons, if joined to gether, can disturb the public and their peaceful living because of momentary mass power which gives them an edge to disobey court orders,law of the land and also basic decency of dealing with the public.

Why can’t the so called persons involved in the bandh or harthal, deal tha matter by only opposing the activites of the other person concerned (ex. say a group fo workers against the government do anything with the governemt officials whoa re repsonsible for that) and leave the innocent common man undisturbed.

The persons who are parties for such harthal and bhandh should also understand, what ever way they disturb the public, the public are not infavour of theri activities but only tolerate this because of expected attack either oral or physical. However, the particiaptns have NOT Gianed anything form the public who may not be able to sort out thoeri [problem and only GOvernmet officials can do something to them.

In the name of Bandh or Hartal or Strike, let the affected persons do it in a confined manner ONly against thier employer or some others who are directly connceted to their grievances, if any.

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